About Us

Oscar Wealth Advisory Sdn Bhd (Oscar Wealth), a subsidiary of Ausscar Group, is a Licensed Financial Planning under Capital Markets Services Licence (CMSL), Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 (CMSA) Securities Commission, Malaysia. Oscar Wealth is a Financial Planning Advisory Group that providing personal, corporations and high net worth individuals with a diversified range of financial products and services.

The Group’s activities are conducted through eight principal business divisions:

  • Financial Planning Consultancy
  • Investment Wealth Management
  • Risk Advisory Insurance Planning
  • Estate Trust Management
  • Tax Principal Finance and Legal Services
  • Private Client Services
  • Corporate Employees Benefits Scheme
  • Professional Education Research Services.

The Oscar Wealth’s group is actively recruiting financial professionals and others entrepreneurs whose business focuses on, or has the desire to transition to, a primarily financial planning practice. As a qualified Financial Planner, you have the ability to affiliate with us in the manner which best suits your needs. In addition, we are truly professional network and provide integration services through our ‘OscarPro Integrated Solution Platform’ and ‘Oscar EFP xchange Solution Platform’

In financial services industry, rapidly changing business world demands innovation, focus and speed. The optimization of long-term strategic relationships is required for competitive growth. ‘OscarPro Integrated Solution Platform’ and ‘Oscar EFP xchange Solution Platform’ will save you time, resources and reduce high administrative and compliance costs. We offer advanced unmatched technology and operational systems solutions. Our teams have over 100 years of combined industry knowledge, compliance experience and have carefully developed time-tested processes to support your business. Take advantage of our ability and commitment to create a comprehensive, outsourced solution for your company.

Oscar Wealth wants your business to thrive. That’s why we make it simple for Financial Planners/Financial Advisers like you to focus on increasing your profits and attracting new clients. Leveraging the strength of our vast network of resources, we offer you the most flexible service programs with more independent platform to decide which products, services, and platforms to use. As part of our value, we can model our back-office services around your independent financial planning practice. From people who care as your Partner, we are committed to resolving your daily challenges of: Time management, dealing with customer service issues, keeping abreast of new technology, reducing overhead costs, operating in compliance with regulatory rules and guidelines.

Our advisors grow their practices by leveraging our brand and national advertising presence, as well as local marketing and co-op programs. We provide a full range of financial products that appeal to our primary target market — the mass affluent. As an advisor, your benefits include competitive compensation and an opportunity to build equity in your practice. To help you grow during every stage of your career, you can take advantage of succession planning, career tracks, ownerships and the support of associate financial advisors.


  • To work together with our client and advisors to achieve their financial goals and dreams.
  • To care, listen compassionately and with the best on the interest of our clients
  • To be honor in our relationships with clients, employees, partners, and stakeholders


The Financial Planning Specialist


  • Observe and Listening

We will observe and listen to the needs and wants of our clients and partners to ensure that they are able to achieve their financial goals and dreams

  • Serve and share the best

We will serve our clients and partners with honour and integrity and share with them the best financial products, services, and opportunities to ensure that they are able to achieve their financial goals and dreams.

  • Commitment

We will serve our clients and partners our full commitment to ensure that they are able achieve their financial goals and dreams.

  • Accomplish Execution

We ensure to our clients and partners that we will accomplish and execute our plans

  • Rite Professional Attitude

We will treat and care for our clients and partners with the rite professional attitude